One of the key focus areas of the Sriram Charitable Trust is conserving the environment. The environment we live in has a specific ecosystem; when habitats are destroyed, biodiversity is lost, and natural resources are depleted. This is caused primarily by human processes.

The tremendous strides we have made in industrialization have had its negative side. We have lost natural forests, fauna and flora and many natural resource bases.

Pollution is increasing all over the word. Hazardous waste discharge has become a serious threat. Smog, and poor air quality is all due to this. Air pollution has an adverse effect on the ozone layer.

These factors need very serious attention today. If not solved they may lead us towards various unending questions. Is man senselessly destroying the ecosystems that support life on this planet? Will he be able to maintain a sustainable earth and eventually build a new humanity?


The Trust is keen to contribute its might to help restore the eco-system, connect the community around it with nature and make a positive impact. Restoring the delicate balance of our planet will be the key challenge. This can be addressed by

  • Planting trees for increasing green cover.
  • Creating awareness among the community.
    • Carbon credit
    • Energy saving
    • Usage of recyclable items
    • Global warming
    • Civic sense
    • Segregation of waste
  • Organizing awareness programs for school and college students on environment and civic sense.

In continuation to the focused activities pursued by the Trust in the areas of environment conservation, the following are the list of initiatives executed during this period,

  • Extensive tree planting exercises carried out within and outside Pondicherry
  • Planting of trees along the East Coast Road has been initiated with government approval. The first phase is completed and second phase has been approved by the government.
  • The Trust is also working closely with two villages for greening their environment by extensive plantation of trees.
  • Worked closely with Rotary Club of Pondicherry with their Puduvai Marathon event, creating awareness about global warming (Save the Earth Campaign)
  • Our activities have been recognized by some large NGOs, and they have expressed their interest to work closely with us in creating a pollution – free world.